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  • Cute Pets (Sugar Glidder)

    Wednesday, 4 May 2011

    Korang mesti ada minat masing-masing right? So, salah 1 minat fuzz adalah bela binatang. Binatang yang fuzz bela ni nama dia Sugar Glider..hehehe..Nama manje pet fuzz ni Elmo. Korang minat tak nak bela Sugies ni? Kalau minat, boleh inbox fuzz kat Facebook fuzz ok? Harga dia Rm270 seekor =)

    Sugies Cage and Playground

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    1. Lilynana Lexy said...:

      alolololo comey nye ^^

    1. Fuzz said...:

      Hehehe.. comel macam tuan dia kan? =P

    1. byLeah.D. said...:

      Whats the name of your background song? So beautiful! ~

    1. Fuzz said...:

      sorry for the late reply. This is song from Anuar Zain - "Sedetik Lebih"

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